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Re: Java Fern

I was joking about using using staples to attach it to rocks.  But the
problem I see with using small objects or rocks to weigh down the plant is
how do you make it stay on vertical surfaces. I'd like to see that trick!!
or when you are doing maintenance and working around the plant you are
trying to attach.

> >  I have used a Arrow T-50 staplegun with great success.  After the
> >  have successfully attached to the driftwood, you remove the staples
> >  forceps or pliers.  It took my plants about a month to get a roothold.
> >  have tried it on rocks but it does not work very well.  :-)


> i have grown tons of JF and have distributed to lots of people.  i just
> shells, a small pebble or rock to weigh it down and it will attach itself
> the wood or rocks.  or you can try a paper clip to hold it down.
> tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA