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Brown algae (diatoms?)

Kevin wrote:

>Greetings fellow aquatic gardeners, I need your help.  I am working on a
>captive breeding project for the critically endangered Panamanian golden
>frog.  A number of zoos are working to bring some animals into captivity
>for breeding before they are made extinct by the wave of pathogenic
>fungus that is sweeping through Central America.  What does this have to
>do with aquatic plants?  It appears that the tadpoles of this species
>are quite fond of brown algae.  I was hoping someone on this list,
>having battled brown algae and won, might be able to tell us what
>conditions are ideal for intentionally growing brown algae.  

Hi Kevin, if by "brown algae", you mean diatoms, I'd set up a "normal"
planted tank, and either light it strongly or let it get some natural
sunlight.  I would _not_ fertilize with CO2.  I have never seen this fail
to bring on a bloom of diatoms.  This is what we do to raise fire belly
toad tadpoles at school. (we take the low-tech route and sit the tank near
a window)