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>Hey everyone,
>I want to say that I really enjoy the APML. This is the best site for plants 
>on the web I have found.
>My aquarium is 125 gallons, CO2 injected, four 6 ft. VHO URI bulbs (640 
>watts).  My lfs received some ludwigia glandulosa by mistake, and I got them 
>inexpensively. They have been planted for 1 1/2 weeks now. They are doing 
>fine, but I don't know how to care for them. How high should I let them 
>grow? Do they look better short? They could grow up to 18" before they break 
>the surface. Do they get ugly after several prunings? I currently have the 
>individual stems planted about 1 inch apart. Any feedback on this plant's 
>care would be greatly appreciated.
>Dave Grim

Nice lights! You have one thing this plant likes..........light! Don't let
this plant get shaded
or it will lose it's lower leaves. At first it'll send roots out and will
look like it might be a ratty plant but after a period of submersed growth
this almost stops and it sends most of the roots in the gravel. You can let
them grow to the surface and above the surface(they are very resistant to
dessication/drying out) even with the VHO lights. The stem is prone to rot 
and breakage if you aren't careful. I let mine grow up out of the water or
at least to the surface before I prune. I use scissors to cut the stem as
not to chance rot or damage to the stem. You need more than 2 watts a gallon
for this plant and you have it<g>! Substrate doesn't need to be anything
special. Mixes very well with green plants for contrast. It will branch some
but usually not in submersion as much as emersed. I cut, with scissors, the
top of the stem that I want then just leave the "stump" growing and replant
the topped stem close by. This doesn't hurt the stem from the old stump and
then the stump will grow out some new sprouts that can be branchy. 
Very nice plant and not an easy one for the long term.  Great plant for the
open top tank.
640 watts of VHO! Wow! Money well spent IMO. I've heard some good things
about the Vita light VHO bulbs too FWIW. Not planting too close together
like your doing is good. Single rather than in clumps (planting). Plant
should turn one of the prettiest colors of burgundy red you'll ever see.
Tom Barr