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RE:snail eaters

I think one of the best snail killers is Botia striata. Good community fish
gets about 3 1/2 inches long and is not a mean fish at all, except among
it's own and even there- they are nice to  each other somewhat. A small
school will remove any and all snail types. Botia dario is good also but a
little more secretive and meaner to their own species.

The South American puffer or it's sometimes called the Colombian puffer
(Colomesus species) is an excellent puffer because it likes soft acidic
waters and doesn't touch any other fish(now don't put shrimps in there!).

Other fish are out there but they are plant eaters or don't like the plant
tank conditions
My clown loaches are lazy and don't eat many snails anymore but the puffers
and Botia's love 'em. Clowns get very large if well fed too. The Botia only
gets 3 1/2 max and likely to be out and about more than many loaches.
Tom Barr        who owes a great debt to the lowly snail