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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1392

The other is in a 55
> gallon tank, is something like 21-26 years old and in great health.  The
> store that owns him (Haller's Pet Shop in Louisville, KY) refuses to move
> to a larger tank to not expose him to any stress that might kill him.  The
> store says he can turn around in that "small" tank and that he is quite
>  He looks fine to me, too.  Certainly a fish that old living in such a
> space must not be suffering so badly or he wouldn't have made it so far.

Ah, you know Clyde too?  lol, I'm from Louisville, and I go to Haller's
often.  The owner, Danny, has known our family for a long time, and we go
the vet that is in the same building.  Clyde is 21 or 22. . .he has been
there my whole life!  Through childhood, I had a fascination with Clyde.  I
have never seen Clyde ill, although Danny did tell me a story of how Clyde
jumped out of the tank and onto the floor.  He was bleeding from the gills
when Danny saw him, and he put Clyde back in the tank.  Clyde was swimming
on his side, and they didn;t think Clyde would make it, but obviously he
did!  Occasionally, Haller's sells young ones, but very rarely do they get
them in.  Osphronemus gorami are really neat fish if you have room for them,
and I'm sure they would eat the duck weed. . .then again, so would goldfish
or some other fish.