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RE: Duckweed Predator

> Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 08:09:14 +0000
> From: "Susan" <snotabby at earthlink_net>
> Subject: Re: Duckweed Predator
> > I don't think it's an extremely unattractive fish. In fact, some variants
> > are smaller and very colorful. If you want to keep it forvere, you can. If
> > you want to eat it, it's delicious.
> I find them to be fascinating fish, but not beautiful fish. There was a LFS
> in my town a few years back and the owner had one. He kept it in a 180 and
> it dwarfed the tank. Very intelligent creature.
> I agree with Karen. If you can't properly house the creature in question at
> it's adult size and for it's natural lifepsan you shouldn't be bringing it
> home. Period.
> Susan
Well, I don't see any reason to deliver ultimatums here.  I've seen this fish 
or a similarly-sized cousin twice before.  One is in a 200 or so gallon tank at 
a Chinese restaurant with only a medium pleco as company.  The other is in a 55 
gallon tank, is something like 21-26 years old and in great health.  The fish 
store that owns him (Haller's Pet Shop in Louisville, KY) refuses to move him 
to a larger tank to not expose him to any stress that might kill him.  The 
store says he can turn around in that "small" tank and that he is quite happy. 
 He looks fine to me, too.  Certainly a fish that old living in such a small 
space must not be suffering so badly or he wouldn't have made it so far.