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Re: Algea and PMDD

Mike Charlton wrote:

>I'm going to get some other test kits.  Are there any that people suggest
>(I'd like to stay in the $20 range)?  Does anyone know where to get a
>good test kit in Ottawa (mail order to ThatPetPlace.com took over 2 weeks
>last time)?


Try the Seachem test kits. They aren't expensive and come with a very nice
feature: a standard solution that you can use to check/calibrate the test.
After having some problems with faulty tests, I never rely anymore on the 
color scale included in test kits. I always compare side-by-side the sample 
taken from the aquarium with standard samples I prepare using distilled 
water and either the solution that comes with the test or a suitable chemical.
For nitrate I use just the same KNO3 used in PMDD. For phosphate I use
Seachem's standard. For iron I use either Seachem's standard or Flourish Iron.
With this technique it is even possible to push a high range test kit such
as Tetra's nitrate to work in the 1 - 10 ppm range.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD