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re: destroyed stargrass

Camaro wrote :

My tank Also has 3 gold guarmies, 3 black skirted tetras, 2 bristlenose
plecos, 11 otos, 2 Sae, 4 medium size rasboras, 4 rosy barbs, 3 sword tails,
and 4 mollies,.  Could any of these be eating them, its not with plant
competition because the plant looks like its been torn apart.  I also have a
lot of unwanted snails and malaysian trumpet snails.  What could it be.


You have to watch if you want to know ! ....or isolate some of them and look
for the results !
Use a camcorder and film your stargrass........  IMO prime suspects are :
guramis,rosy barbs....and maybe

Pierre Tremblay