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re: nutrient symptoms

I have been keeping Apistos for over a year, and just invested in a kati/ani 
deionizer because the water in Texas is so hard.  The upside is after a 
month of 10-20 percent per week, the hardness reads about 35ppm, (and the 
snails are virtually gone!) the pH is stable at 6.4, and the fish appear to 
be very healthy, and one pair just spawned yesterday.  The downside, what do 
I need to add to keep everything healthy.

I have only had a single 48" vita-light over the tank(55g).  Yesterday, I 
added a 48" triton and a sylvania gro-lux.  I plan on replacing the gro-lux 
with another triton later, but the dollars keep getting in the way!  A piece 
of hornwort had a marked growth in 24 hours after adding the additional 
light, but the new growth is almost pure white, not even a little yellow!  I 
just finished reading all the info I could find at the Krib in the last 2 
hours, and the surface diagnosis by this amateur suggests that I have about 
10 things wrong that I need to change, but here are the first few...

1) Replace playsand substrate with "flourite" to reduce iron deficiencies.  
(Would it be possible to remove part of the substrate and put the flourite 
on top?)

2)Start specifically formulating my water in advance.  ie. DI + purified tap 
to attain correct pH, and hardness.  (Perhaps helping somewhat in the 
micronutrient area.)

3)Add Tropica mastergrow, flourish, or flourish tabs to the water and 
subsrtate to suppliment missing micronutrients.  (White new growth 
indicating Ca or other deficiency?)

4)invest in some sort of co2 injection system to aid in stimulating plant 

My question is, what order should I do this in?  And what will have the most 
significant impact fastest?

Thanks for the help!



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