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BrownAlgae/ Flourish

My tank is lighted by 160 watts of 3 40 watt Spectralite full spectrum bulbs 
and 1 chrom 50 light bulb. The light is on 12 hours per day. My Co2 is not 
diy and with the needle valve comes out 1 to 3 bubbles per second.  My filter 
is the new fluval 404.  I have many different plants cryptocornes, hygrophlia 
stricta, hygro difformis, hygro polysperma, alternathera reinekki,  cabomba, 
ambulia, the cardinal plant, glosstigma, etc.  I fertilize by 4 ml of 
flourish iron every day and 4 ml of flourish every other day. My substrate is 
fertilized by jobes plant spikes.  I do a 1/3 water change every 10 days.  
This brown algae seems to be choking my plants like Ambulia's fine leaves, 
Diliplis diandra, parrots feather. Surprisingly the cabomba does not have any 
algae and is looking very good.  Now other plants like the bottom of the 
hygro stems their leaves have green spot algae developing and glosstigmas 
leaves have the green spots and so do all the the cryptocornes.  My ammonia 
and nitrite levels are undetectable.  No sunlight really gets to the tank.  
This is a very minor algae believe me.  There isn't any hair algae beard 
algae or that because of my team of algae eaters 2 bristle nose plecos, 11 
otos, 2 Sae, and a group of livebearers, and some snails.  It kills the 
bottom of plants and makes the tank look very unattractive.
Its also completely tanking over my Java moss, making it look like its dirty. 
 This is an algae that makes my plants look dirty.  What can I do what is it 
and how can I stop this year long battle of dirty brown algae and green spot 
algae on my plants leaves?