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Re: Hope for MST (sic) sufferers (was: Re: MST Drawbacks..)

> Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 19:22:05 EST
> From: IDMiamiBob at aol_com
> Subject: Hope for MST sufferers (was: Re: MST Drawbacks..)
> > Thank's to everyone who responded & provided me with some really >useful
> >info.  Especially about Malaysian Trumpet Snails which seem to >be a
> >desirable tank-mate in most peoples experience (are there any >drawbacks?).

You bet there are. They are about the most voracious fish-egg eaters I know.
They don't belong in any breeding tank, for sure (unless the fish are

> >
> I have so many MSTs in my 30 gallon tank, I can't see the fish.  I finally
> found a way to kill them in a ten-gallon without disrupting the substrate.  I
> pulled out all the plants and fish, and dumped a bunch of muriatic acid into
> it.  The gravel fizzed for three days, and not one MST is left.  I will do
> the same to my 30 gallon in the near future, but I am somewhat reticent, as
> the plants are finally getting a start there.

A less drastic method works for simple overpopulation control. A saucer with
meat (maybe a deshelled shrimp tail?) placed in at lights out will be loaded
with them in the AM. Just lift it out and toss them in your daphnia tank.
Eventually a few will show up on the glass at first light and can be removed
manually. Watch that overfeeding in the future and they will never
overpopulate again.


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