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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1386

Slimy green stuff. Edison- I had this in my 30G for at least 3 months. I
used erythromycin but it didn't help at all. I tried several other
things & something worked because the tank is crystal clear & beautiful
but I don't know which of the following worked. I added rosey barbs & a
gold gourami, they realy went to town on the stuff. I did twice a week
30% water changes & ran a diatom filter twice a week for a couple of
hours. I also added water sprite & duckweed which are great nutrient
sponges. I also tested for NO3 & found that this tank was nitrate
deficient. I now add 1/8 tea. of KNO3 weekly. As a last resort I added a
new product that I got as a free sample called Algone. I did something
right but I don't know what it was. Good luck

Tom Connors, Pittsburgh Pa. I wish I could be half the person our dog
"Jed" thinks I am!