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nutrient symptoms

    Does anyone have any clear indications of what nutrient deficiencies
look like in aquatic plants?  I am a horticulturist (terrestrial) and now
experimenting with aquatics.
    For example: My Valisnaria has very green old growth, but lots of pale
new growth. No darker veins, just pale.  My Amazon sword in same tank and
Cryptocoryne are doing well, but new growth is very red-bronze.  I know
there are red new growth varieties of swordplant, and have seen on the list
some discussion of reddish as normal for Cryptos, but perhaps a nutrient may
be needed.
    The tank is 4 months old, 7 happy fish (zebras and black neons), Ph 7 ,
based on RO water, no measureable ammonia and no measureable Gh. I have not
done water changes as yet.  Undergravel filter.

All the best,
Shmuel Silinsky
Jerusalem, Israel