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Re: Slimy Green Stuff ( Blue Green Algae?)

I had a similar problem but I added Maracyn (expensive erythromycin) to my
tank at half dose for about 10 days and it has not come back.  What
anitbiotics did you use as you need to use the correct one e.g. Maracyn is
for Gram-positive bacteria while Maracyn-Two is for Gram-negative bacteria?
I have only heard of erythromycin working for blue green algae so if you
used something different then that may be your problem.  I also removed all
my driftwood and rock at the start of treatment and have kept them out for
fear of reinfecting.


> Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 07:58:49 +0800
> From: "Edison C. Yap" <integrit at mnl_sequel.net>
> Subject: Slimy Green Stuff ( Blue Green Algae?)
> I have written last month about green slimy stuff that smells that covers
> all my plants!  I have tried anti-biotic, manual cleaning, constant water
> changes, and aeration but nothing stopped these stuff from multiplying!
> I hope that anyone out there could give me a solution to this terrible
> that is in my tank!
> Is it advisable to just tear everything down and just start all over
> Is it okey to use the same plants that was in the previous infected tank?
> Thank you very much for your advise!  I hope to hear from you very soon.
> Edison C. yap
> Philippines