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>Hi I currently Keep a 66 gallon planted tank with 2 breeding pairs of A. 
>agassizi and soem cardinals and neon tetras along with a few corydoras. my 
>question is what's the requirements with keeping octocinclus?

Persistance. Keep adding them and a few will survice. I think they're
one of the harder fish to keep alive and have given up on the things.

What I like now for algae control is Endlers livebearers. These
close relatives of wild guppies, if not too well fed and
absolute algae pugs. I have a colony of them in one tank and
I added a Cryptocoryne pontiderifolia that has a few tufts
of algae that I could get off mechanically. The endlers took
care of it in minutes. I'd sue males only in a tank like yours
as they tend to breed like, well, guppies.

Any livenbearer hobbyist can get them, they're around but seldom
in stores.

Richard J. Sexton                                         richard at aquaria_net
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