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T5s vs. T12s

>lamps. Another problem is the cost of
>the lamps. T5s cost a lot more than T12s
>but this expense is mainly offset by the
>long life of T5s and by the fact that
>fewer lamps and fewer reflectors are
>required. T8s actually cost less than
>their high CRI T12 counterparts with 800

Wellll... I dunno about that. With Chroma 50's available for
$5, I don't think so, at least when I worked out the

>series phosphors and have even longer
>lives than either one. If it is feasable
>to use them then they are probably the
>lowest cost lighting system. I think it
>is only a matter of time though before
>T5 lamps are much more commonplace and
>the price drops a lot.

Unlikely, I think. The market is driven by boatloads of
T12 for industrial use. The small bulb market is a niche
and there's a reason T5s cost 10X what T12s cost. It's
a shame and I think we're pretty lucky to be able to
get cheap T12's in anything other that CW or WW.

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