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Hi I currently Keep a 66 gallon planted tank with 2 breeding pairs of A. 
agassizi and soem cardinals and neon tetras along with a few corydoras. my 
question is what's the requirements with keeping octocinclus? i introduced 
around 6 of them into my tank and there's only 2 left. i did accumulate them 
etc etc.. did all of those stuff but after a while say couple of months 
later i start to loose some of them = ( is there any special 
water/light/ph/hardness (opps that's water) conditions that they are 
supposed to be kept in?
it's a healviy planted tank with pretty bright lighting and the pH's around 
6.5 any suggestions? or am i having bad luck
i do do regular water changes.. feed them algae flakes but i've kept them 
before and the same has happened?

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