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RE: Heteranthra zosterfolia is being destroyed

Camaro wrote :

Every other plant in my tank is on the right path and does not have holes
plant leaves torn apart.  But this plant does.  I am thinking that the
unwanted snails in my tank might be a cause, can they do this much damage if
there is a lot of them.  Also Another suspect IM considering might be my
barbs or black skirted tetras.  Its definitely not a nutrient disorder
because nothing can destroy a plant this much.  As soon as a new shoot or
leave is put forth its gone or its tips are munched on, but I don't know
is doing it.


I had the same problem a few months ago.........and discovered that one of
my blue guramis was looking for every new shoot to satisfy its appetite ....
I am sure that one ( or more) of your fish is doing the same thing.
The solution : get rid of the fish...or live without star grass !  ( by the
way, my gurami died mysteriously and the very few remaining of star grass
has sprouted ....and now i have a few.... in a year it is to going to be
nice ! :/ )

Pierre Tremblay