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PVAS Workshop/Auction

Since we seem to have a number of APDers in the greater Baltimore/Washington
area --

The Potomac Valley Aquarium Society will be hosting its fall workshop and
auction this weekend at the Quality Suites-Shady Grove in Gaithersburg,
Maryland.  Speakers at the Saturday workshop include Ray "Kingfish" Lucas
(Fish Nutrition), Rosario LaCorte (Collecting in Brazil), Charlie Grimes
(Live Foods) and Bing Seto (Discus).   The auction begins on Sunday at 11
a.m. and usually ends at about 7 p.m.

At each of the auctions I've attended, I've found new (to me) and exciting
varieties of aquatic plants.  (Not that I want more bidders to compete with
or anything...!)  It's also a great opportunity to take a pair of scissors
to those overgrown bunch plants in your tank, bag 'em up and auction 'em
(sellers' registration ends at noon).

For more information, see www.pvas.com