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conservation help

Greetings fellow aquatic gardeners, I need your help.  I am working on a
captive breeding project for the critically endangered Panamanian golden
frog.  A number of zoos are working to bring some animals into captivity
for breeding before they are made extinct by the wave of pathogenic
fungus that is sweeping through Central America.  What does this have to
do with aquatic plants?  It appears that the tadpoles of this species
are quite fond of brown algae.  I was hoping someone on this list,
having battled brown algae and won, might be able to tell us what
conditions are ideal for intentionally growing brown algae.  Thanks for
your help, Kevin
Kevin Zippel
Department of Herpetology
WCS/Bronx Zoo
Bronx, NY 10460
(718) 220 8683 or 5042