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Re: Duckweed Predator

> Giant gouramies don't become giants in a small terrarium (fed with duckweed)

They don't become giants because that kind of housing and "care" would not
provide them with their requirements to execute their genetic programming.
Let's call it what it is, stunting. IMHO that's not a proper way to treat a
living creature, whether or not you're keeping it long term or it's
eventually heading for the skillet.

> I don't think it's an extremely unattractive fish. In fact, some variants
> are smaller and very colorful. If you want to keep it forvere, you can. If
> you want to eat it, it's delicious.

I find them to be fascinating fish, but not beautiful fish. There was a LFS
in my town a few years back and the owner had one. He kept it in a 180 and
it dwarfed the tank. Very intelligent creature.

I agree with Karen. If you can't properly house the creature in question at
it's adult size and for it's natural lifepsan you shouldn't be bringing it
home. Period.