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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1384

>I'm several  tanks for breeding and growing out angels and guppies.
>These tank are bare with a sponge filter and about 1 watt/gal.  I have
>duckweed and hornwort in these tanks.  My reasoning is:
>1 They improve water quality.
>2 Give some cover.
>3 They aren't a hassle to clean around.  Just net them off the top and
>put them back when you are done
>Does anyone know of a better low light, no hassle nitrogen sponge?

I'd suggest watersprite even with low light due to the plant being floating
on top of the water's surface and all. Most floaters like water
hyacinth,Salvina(better than duckweed),Prista sp.,Najas and java moss are
popular choices for fry and breeders. The watersprite(medium
roots)/hyacinth(lots o roots)/Salvina(little roots) will do good for what
your after depending on what type of roots you wish to have hanging down
into the tank.
Floater's will do the best for using the light you have to get good use of
available nutrients for growth. This will give you the most efficient use of
the small(relatively) amount of light. Hornwart is OK and Nitella(a
stonewart) is sometimes used and needs less light than hornwart.
A fresh bulb(s) might help also for better growth if they are old. Adding a
*small* amount of trace elements would also help and won't harm the fish at
all and help the plant grow a little better than using the food and waste
method for nutrients alone.
Tom Barr