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Update: Tiny Red val...again in the RED!

Those tiny red vals I found some month's back appeared to lose their red
colour and grew from 5-10cm to 40cm  under Co2. At the time I thought this
negated their identity as a separate subspecies; I spoke too soon! I
disconnected the Co2 from their tank and forgot about them. 

A few days ago, I returned to their aquarium when I noticed the return of
their colour! this time it is pink-red instead of maroon! Their leaves are
almost identical to those of crystal val except for the pink-red colour and
a tendency toward "wavyness". Lighting (Chroma 50's), substrate calcium
based sand over poting soil and Osmocote (18-6-12) unchanged.  I would be
speculating if I suggest that the loss of extra Co2 contributed to the
return of their red colour, yet I cannot deny the evidence of my eyes; a
40cm leaf-set on each plant that is obviously NOT a giant red val.

I refused to offer these plants till I was CERTAIN I had something...NOW I
am.  I don't have many plants under cultivation only 16, I am offering 6 of
them in pairs with each driftwood purchase, 6 of them at $3.00 per plant
and the remaining 4 as trades for a fistfull of java moss and/or 2-crypts
each if anyone is interested.