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Pen sized meters Pt.1

Dear all,

I wrote to you some weeks ago concerning my good fortune with locating "pen
style" pH and Conductivity meters at a garage sale. I purchased some
calibrating solution and tested the pH meter and strangely enough it did not
require any adjustment!  The Conductivity meter needed new batteries and so
I went and purchased enough to refresh the pH meter as well. I have tested a
small aquarium  with the conductivity meter and it reads "80" on the LED.
Since the range as printed on the meter case says "10/1990 uS", I am
assuming that means this particular tank reads 80 micro-
siemens (?) conductivity.  What kind of range is this (low/medium/high) tds?
Can anyone translate this into "hard/medium/soft" for me?


Brian Perkins, President
Metroserv Incorporated
     Tigard, Oregon