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Osphronemus and factors determining fish growth/size

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<< Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 19:53:53 +0700
 From: "FBY" <vivaria at cbn_net.id>
 Subject: RE: Duckweed Predator
 Giant gouramies don't become giants in a small terrarium (fed with duckweed)
 I don't think it's an extremely unattractive fish. In fact, some variants
 are smaller and very colorful. If you want to keep it forvere, you can. If
 you want to eat it, it's delicious.
 Cattle farmers eat beef...
Actually, the "size limited by tank volume" tales are quite inaccurate... the 
animal in question would definitely be "unhappy" if you tried to stunt it... 
by way of keeping it in a small container, metabolite build-up, mis-feeding...
Bob Fenner, who also enjoys consuming big, dead, red quadrupeds