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RE: Duckweed & Whisky?

>I have been informed that Jack Daniels is not a bourbon, it's a whiskey.  So
>while I will attest that duckweed appears to succumb quickly to the effects
>of whiskey, it has yet to be proven whether duckweed is, in fact, also
>susceptible to bourbon <g>.
>Alysoun McLaughlin
>Wheaton, MD
You should try a good Kentucky bourbon instead of a low grade mouthwash like
Jack Daniel's if you REALLY want rid yourself of Duckweed. The cave floor
were they get the water for Jack Daniel's is covered in several inches of
Bat Guano (Mmmmmmm!).Perhaps it might actually *grow* plants instead of
killing the duckweed with all that Bat Guano<G>? 

I'm serious about the cave floor being covered though..........I've been in
that cave myself.
Tom Barr