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Re: R. wallichii, E. stellata.

>Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 22:13:55 EST
>From: Katana98 at aol_com
>Subject: Looking for specific plants!  Rotala wallichii and Eusteralis
>Does anyone have any experience with Rotala wallichii and Eusteralis
>stellata.  Where can I get it?  Any information on the above two plants would
>be greatly appreciated.

David, I've had both these and just bought some more E. stellata from the
local store. Where do you live? They both require high light and CO2 and
good nutrients and are considered "difficult". SAEs *definitely* don't eat
either. I've never had any SAEs that eat any plants and I don't believe
that they eat plants ever... unless they are so covered in algae, or
weakened with bleach that the leaves are essentially dead. Or else maybe if
they are starving (I've never starved mine so I don't know.) Angel fish and
platties, on the other hand, will strip R. wallichii to a stem...mine did.
Nothing bothered the E. stellata, however, and it really is a beautiful
plant if you have the conditions for it. They both are. Now I've moved my
Angel I'd like to get some R. wallichii again, too.

in Vancouver