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Re: Aquarium Driftwood

> I have to agree with Bill.  I was very happy with the driftwood I received
> from Aquarium Driftwood.  I did nothing but put it in the tank, and have
> had no problems at all.

Me too! I don't know what species of wood the centerpiece is, but there are
some rather pretty magenta patches/streaks on it. Subtle, but there. Adds an
additional element of interest.

In fact, I'm ordering from them again. I had to store all the wood in the
40G tank when we recently moved. When it was time to set the 75G tank up
again, I strip mined the 40G tank of most of it's wood. The roomies in that
tank, a Blue Eye Pleco and 4 clown loaches who were evicted from the 75
because of their leaf chomping habits <G>, had become very accustomed to the
amusement-park-of-hidey-holes and were not amused at the now "open" feel of
the tank.