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RE: Wallichii and Stellata

>Does anyone have any experience with Rotala wallichii and Eusteralis 
>stellata.  Where can I get it?  Any information on the above two plants would 
>be greatly appreciated.
Not beginner plants. Rotala is a very nice plant but gets algae if things
aren't good in your tank.
Very pretty plant and is worth the trouble. Makes nice groups;. Similar
plant is Bacopa myriophylloides but is not as red. Some folks have said
SAE's eat the leaves but this hasn't been found to be the case in my
experience. Snails(pond,MTS,ramshorn) are about the best cleaners for this
plant. Both plants branch and branch and can grow quite fast when conditions
are to their liking. Both can also be "stunted" if things go bad in the tank
for them. They are subject to color changes based on conditions in the tank.
Both plants like light but it isn't a necessity. Clean water & a well
balanced tank is.
Eusteralis is an interesting plant but doesn't ship well. No mail order
place will send you any viable plants. Best to get it from a fellow
I can help you out later.........after the 21st of this month,
otherwise...........AAG has Rotala and Petswarehouse has both but you'll get
a bag of mush for Eusteralis. Email me after then....
Tom Barr