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Rust spots on Java ferns

Fellow listees,

You'd think after all the careful watching, sniffing around and testing that
one would develop a feel for what's really going on in one's tank.  Not a
foregone conclusion.  All the more difficult plants seem to be doing well,
but for some reason my Java fern is ailing.  Has anyone seen what looks like
rust spots on Java fern?  Not to be confused with spore sacks, these spots
occur on the top surface othe leaves, beginning on the edges and gradually
overtake the leaf.  New growth as well as old.  I have seen java melt when
I've re-tied the plants too roughly to some driftwood, presumably bruising
the roots or rhizome, but this is different.  This dark brown color (NOT
algae) looks, well, like rust spots.  I dose with 5ml TMG 3x weekly, and a
small amount of Epsom Salts with a water change (1/2 tsp per each 10 gal of
new water, resulting in less than a 0.5dGH change).  Hmm... I wonder if Mg
could be the cause.

2.2 w/g PC fluorescents
6.6 pH
0.4ppm Fe (Hach)
17ppm NO3 (Lamotte)
0.0ppm PO4 (Hach)

I'm seeing the beginnings of some blue-gray algae on my driftwood as well.
michael rubin
michael at rubinworld_com