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RE:aquarium driftwood

> I have just received my driftwood centerpiece from Aquarium Driftwood
> (www.aquariumdriftwood.pair.com).  I am impressed with the look, size, 
> shape of it, especially for the money.  My problem is that it comes from 
> freshwater lake in Alabama, and still has traces of algae on it, along
> who knows what else.  The people who sell it are upfront about it; they
> no guarantees that it is sterile, but promise that it will not discolor 
> water and say they are not aware of any problems caused by contaminants 

I bought over $100 worth of driftwood from Aquarium driftwood. I didnt have 
any problem with algae or tannins, but it wasnt quite what I expected. Some 
of the peices look like swiss cheese with all the insect eaten holes in the 
wood, but the main problem is that I cant keep it from floating. They did 
warn me that I would have to keep the wood wet before putting it in the 
tanks, and I have to admitt I let some of them dry out...but others that  
 were still waterlogged continued to float up to the surface. I had the 
same problem with a huge 3 foot peice of bogwood that I bought from Ecco 
systems. I siliconed rocks to that peice and the darn thing still floated. 
I kept it in a garbage can of water for three months and it still didnt get 
completely water logged. If someone would like to take all this wood off my 
hands, I would glady cut a heck of a deal!

I have long skinny peices for terracing, branchy stump centerpeices, and 
hollowed out logs for planters. Not to mention the big peice of bogwood 
that sitting in my "outdoor" garden.

Robert Paul  H
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