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Re: CF bulbs in 36" hood

Ivo Busko wrote:
"An even cheaper way to upgrade the light strip would be to retrofit two 55 
watt kits from AH Supply. I couldn't figure how to stagger them inside the
narrow hood though."
A suggestion sent to me by Zxcvbob (Bob) when I asked a lighting question was 
to use AHSupply's 96 watt kit instead of two 55W kits.  I didn't see what he 
was talking about on their site, so I went to the "place order" part of the 
site to order some 55W kits.  There, at the bottom of the page, and listed 
nowhere else, were the 96Wkits.   With sockets they are 36" long or less and 
make a cleaner installation.  The only drawback I saw was a much smaller 
selection of bulbs-  6700 Kelvin was the lowest they had.  I just bought 
materials for the hood today, so I can't give an opinion on them yet.
Pierre Gagne
Kensington, MD