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Death by Fertilizer?

Hi all.

Last night I was thinking about the discussion of how to get 5ppm NO3
into the tank and I realized that it makes sense to add 5ppm and then
control it from there.

So I took the plunge and added a whole whack of KNO3 to my tank (got
up to about 3 ppm).  My plants responded immediately (as I expected,
they were NO3 starved).  My pH rose 0.6 points over the day as my
DIY yeast generated struggled to output enough CO2.  The plants are
*covered* in bubbles and most have visibly grown (some by more than
an inch).

The only problem was that I found a dead fish (one of my older platy
fry) this morning.  I injected the KNO3 solution directly into the
tank using an oral syringe.  The platys (especially the fry) crowd around
me whenever I do *anything*.  I'm wondering if the little guy might
have got a snootful and died of nitrate poisoning.

        What do you guys think?