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RE: Oceanic Vs Perfecto

> Date: Tue, 09 Nov 1999 12:25:52 -0800
> From: "MARC RADLE" <marcr at cowles_com>
> Subject: Re:  Oceanic Vs Perfecto
> Oceanic tanks are MUCH better quality than Perfecto or All
> Glass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Marc
Yeah, they're better as far a looks go, but there not 3 times better, which is 
about what an Oceanic costs compared to All-Glass (I may agree with you about 
Perfecto).  When I decided I wanted a 75 gallon tank, I had to choose between 
$116 for an All-Glass or $300+ for Oceanic.  Guess which one I picked.

The thing is, the All-Glass is sealed at the top like Oceanic.  All-Glass tanks 
are not cheap in terms of materials or workmanship, they just don't go 
overboard.  I don't think that mine will ever break or leak.  I have an Oceanic 
20+ high and it's nice, but when I got my 75, I wanted to save my money for the 
VHO hood and Eheim 2217 that I wanted.  It's all about priorities and having my 

They're both boxes made of glass glued together.  Oceanic just looks a little 
prettier and has slightly thicker glass.  Not worth 3 times the money, 
especially in the larger sizes.