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Re: Pierre Gagne's Sterilizing driftwood

>Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999 22:54:49 EST
>From: PGagne2000 at aol_com
>Subject: Sterilizing driftwood
>Hello All,
>I have just received my driftwood centerpiece from Aquarium Driftwood 
>(www.aquariumdriftwood.pair.com).  I am impressed with the look, size, and 
>shape of it, especially for the money.  My problem is that it comes from a 
>freshwater lake in Alabama, and still has traces of algae on it, along with 
>who knows what else.  The people who sell it are upfront about it; they make 
>no guarantees that it is sterile, but promise that it will not discolor my 
>water and say they are not aware of any problems caused by contaminants in
>I have decided that I will not risk putting it in my new tank unsterilized.  
>It is too big to fit in my oven (approx. 24"X14"X 10"), where I was going to 
>put it in a roasting pan filled with water and cover it with foil and boil 
>it.  I should note that this wood must be kept wet, or it will dry out and 
>float.  It is now in a tightly sealed garbage bag.
>In the APD archives, the only reference to sterilizing a big chunk of wood 
>suggests putting it in a metal garbage can on a Coleman stove.  I may have
>do this yet, but I wonder if anyone can think of another way.  Is there any 
>gas I could introduce into the bag that would do it?  Perhaps mix ammonia
>bleach in a cup in the bag?  ( I use this mainly as an example.  I have been 
>warned not to do this inadvertently  too many times to try it lightly).
>Thanks in advance for all suggestions offered.  I will send a follow up post 
>if something works well.
>Pierre Gagne
>Silver Spring, MD

		I'd simply soak it in saltwater for a week or boil it in saltwater for an
hour. Or save yourself the hassel next time and buy mine! They are pulled
out of the South Florida seas/beaches after YEARS of soaking/weathering.
They won't spread fresh water 'bugs' for obvious reasons and they won't
float wet or dry! eMail me.


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