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Introduction - Jamie Noble


I joined the list yesterday although I've been working my way though the 
FAQ's for the last few days. I've also been checking out rec.aquaria.* and 
alt.aquaria.* and several interesting web sites on keeping Aquarium plant 
tanks. I hope you don't mind a brief introduction.

I've been playing around with fish tanks ever since I was a kid. At one 
point I ended up working for an aquarium store. This was the "high" point of 
my fish career. I ended up with 8 fish tanks ranging from goldfish to 
tropical to salt water fish. One of my best experiences was the joy of 
successfully raising about 40 albino cories from egg stage to full grown 
(that was fun and interesting).

Around this time, I started working in the computer field and moved away 
from the hobby.

About two weeks ago a fellow consultant decided to move home to India and 
needed a new home for his 100 Gallon (72 inch X 18 inch X 18 inch tank). 
Since the price was good it's now mine. It came with a few withering plants 
which was enough (coupled with the fact that growing plants is something I 
haven't yet done) to get me into keeping a plant tank.

Of course I have some questions.

Here's my equipment list:

100 Gallon tank.
Eheim 2215 external canister filter (from my old marine tank)
Fluval 403 external canister filter (from my old marine tank)
Eheim submersible pump (bigger then a powerhead, same concept)
1 Biowheel filter (hangs off the side)
2 submersible heaters
1 - 2 x 48 inch flourescent lights
1 Python water changing system
1 Electrical Ground Fault Device

Based on my reading I've decided to do the following:

1) Remove the BioWheel filter to reduce surface agitation and filtering 
requirement is met by other filters anyway. I've pointed the spray bars so 
that they barely stir the top service of the water. One addition I plan on 
pursuing is the Eheim surface extractor to remove the oily surface scum 
which some foods provide.

2) I am monitoring tank temperature but so far the heaters don't appear 
necessary for stable water temperature of approximately 78 degrees (although 
I plan to get a better thermometer to verify the accuracy of the device)

3)Add more lights to the aquarium! I have enough space to fit 8 bulbs across 
the top if I carefully add them. Even though 72 inch bulbs would be a 
perfect fit it is hard to find them without going to the LFS. It seems like 
I'll probably go to Home Depot and buy some 48 inch bulbs which I'll then 
stagger thoughout the tank.

At first this seemed like the way to go but recently I ran into a series of 
light web sites which talked about the inefficiency of flourescent lights 
when heat builds up too much so I'm now considering a staggered approach 
with fewer lights and the ballasts located below the tank. I need to find a 
supplier of water proof endcaps for the tank though.

The local Home Depot doesn't have the Plant and Aquarium bulbs. They have a 
different type of bulb called floraglow. Comments?

4) CO2 injector. Currently I am thinking about the high pressure model 
offered by a US company which includes the Eheim CO2 diffuser. I considered 
the DIY CO2 devices which use low pressure and yeast but at this point I'm 
considering the mess factor and the schedule factor to the point where I 
think the high pressure route is better for me. Also for my size of tank it 
sounds like that method may not generate enough CO2 anyway.

5) Currently I have the following fish. Are there any which leap out at you 
as a problem?

4 Angelfish
21 Neon tetras
4 Cories
2 Cobalt (Powder Blue) Goaramis
4 Platies

6) I am aiming to try some low light, easy plants to start with. I am 
currently considering the following plants but I welcome your feedback and 

Java moss
Java ferns

I appreciate any help/advice you care to give me. Hopefully with time I'll 
be repaying your assistance with advice of my own.

~Jamie N

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