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> Sure you can get rid of duckweed. Take as much as you can out... use a net.
> Turn the filter off so it isn't swirling around anywhere. Then start
> picking out every little individual piece you see. You won't get them all
> but everytime you go into the tank, pick out any little piece you see...
> you have to get EVERYONE. I did it on two tanks. It works. Just be
> diligent. And if you reintroduce it... pick it out right away.
> Or you could get a duck! Goldfish will eat it too.
> Olga
> in Vancouver

Strangely enogh, duckweed never survived for long in any of my tanks. 
Goldfish or not, it didn't even survive in a plant-only tank. Other 
plants do fine, but duckweed just disappears. Must be a very delicate