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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1377

"Steve Bansee" <tvg at icenter_net> wrote:
> I am trying to figure out how much KNO3 to add to my tank so I can get about
> 5ppm of NO3 but  chemistry is not that great.  I gonna write what I got so
> far, and if you all can tell me if I'm on the right track.
[Math deleted]
> so if I take 1ml off this solution and add it to my 100 liter tank,  What
> will I get?

Well, this doesn't answer your direct question, but... The amount you add
will not necessarily be the amount you end up with.  The plants use the
NO3 for their own evil purposes :-).  Using your math (which I can
find no faults in, other than you seem to have accidently typed
"180000 / 0.61" instead of "180000 * 0.61"), I've been adding 0.3 ppm
NO3 for the last 8 days.  I still have no detectable amount of NO3.

You will have to experiment to see how fast your plants eat the nitrate.