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Discus tanks

Andy Moore wrote:

>Guess the solution to pollution is dilution !!     Right ?

You got it ;-)

Art wrote:

>I'm also starting up a planted discus tank and am following your suggestions
>in the AF article.  I'm in my second week and am ready to start adding algae
>eaters.  In your article you recommend against SAE's because they'll get
>large.  Do you recommend against putting ANY SAE's, or just against putting
>in enough to have an effect on algae control?

I didn't not recommend them because they get large.  I don't recommend them
in a discus tank because they are essentially useless as soon as you start
feeding discus.  In my experience, SAE's will preferentially eat discus
food over _anything_ else.  Yes you end up with hog fat SAE's, but that is
not the problem.  The problem is that they _don't_ eat algae when you are
feeding them discus food.<g>

I suppose you could use SAE's effectively during the break in period on a
tank destined to be a discus tank.  But once the discus are in the tank,
don't count on the SAE's for any further algae control.