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Re: FW Flounder

>	Re: FW Flounder

There are two or three species of small (150 mm or 6 inches) flounder that
inhabit the fresh waters of Northern Australia.  They are

Tailed Sole  (Aseraggodes klunzingeri)
Selheim's Sole (Brachirus selheimi)
reference.  "Australian Freshwater Fishes, their biology and management" by
Merrick & Schmida

I don't know if they are being collected or bred by professional aquarium
fish workers but they are plentiful in the rivers near where I live.   They
like hard alkaline water and usually there are not many plants where they
are found.

Dave Wilson
Darwin NT

>Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 16:12:58 -0500
>From: "Alysoun McLaughlin" <alysoun.mclaughlin at ncsl_org>
>Subject: Re: FW Flounder

>No, I'm not talking about anything like that (although I've also seen them
>at the Aquarium Center, listed as something like "butterfly plecostomus").
>The closest picture that I can find on the web is "Conan the Flounder" at
>Alysoun McLaughlin
>Wheaton, MD