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Osram CF 55 watt

>I just installed two Duplaelectra
lights.  They each have two 55W CF
>It seems we can get all (or most of)
the Dupla stuff in Australia even if
>its imported from Germany at a price
that makes us cringe a little.

>The tubes that I now have seem a little
yellow compared to the normal
>floresent grower lights I have been
using on my fish only tanks.  I was
>wordering if anyone had any experience
with or details on my current tubes
>such as what is their K rating.  They
are Osram Dulux L 2G11, 55W/21-840
>4800 Lumen Lumilux Hellweiss Cool
Whites Made in Italy

I am guessing that they are 840 phosphor
lamps which means they are thick coat
high CRI 4000 K lamps. If so, they are
more yellow than most people like but
that is up to your personal taste. It
does not mean they will not grow plants