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Osram CF 55 watt

I am in the process of establishing a 200 gallon planted tank and have been 
a lurker for about six months.

I just installed two Duplaelectra lights.  They each have two 55W CF tubes.  
It seems we can get all (or most of) the Dupla stuff in Australia even if 
its imported from Germany at a price that makes us cringe a little.

The tubes that I now have seem a little yellow compared to the normal 
floresent grower lights I have been using on my fish only tanks.  I was 
wordering if anyone had any experience with or details on my current tubes 
such as what is their K rating.  They are Osram Dulux L 2G11, 55W/21-840 
4800 Lumen Lumilux Hellweiss Cool Whites Made in Italy


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