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Re: CO2 Reactor

Tom Brennan at brennans at ix_netcom.com wrote:

> Hey everyone,
> I just diverted  my Co2 injection from an Ultralife reactor (big bulky needs
> a powerhead to work and ugly too!), into the intake of one of my Magnum 350
> canister filters and removed the Ultralife reactor.  Are their any problems
> with  injecting Co2 into a canister filter, such as effects on cycling
> bacteria etc... that I should be concerned about?  Quite frankly I think the
> canister does a much better job the  reactor (an possibly better than most
> diffusers), because my Co2 concentration has become slightly elevated since
> doing so.

I use the exact same filter and technique and have had zero problems (except
for too much CO2 until I got things adjusted). It's very effecient. I doubt
there is any impact on biological filtration; the water inside the canister
is turned over many times per hour. (I only use a filter pad or occasionally
the micron element myself: no carbon or bioballs, etc.)

When I first started injecting into the canister there were some extra
squirting/gurgling noises due to bubbles accumulating inside the canister.
At first I thought it was CO2 accumulating, but I'm now convinced it is O2,
which is being released in much greater quantities by the plants and getting
sucked into the canister. The sound is always louder in the evening, and is
gone by morning, even though I inject the CO2 24 hrs/day.

I dramatically increased the efficiency of the system by altering the return
diffusor to direct the water downwards and reduce surface turbulance to near
zero. I inject about 35-40 bubbles per minute to maintain a pH of 6.8 with a
KH of 6.0. Tap pH starts about 7.8.

Dan Dixon