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RE:Riccia and algae/duckweed

>Help needed here.
>There are hair algaes all over my riccia. How do u remove them?
>Anyone tried Yamato shrimp? I add a couple of Yamato in my tank - it all
>died in 3 days w/o even touching the algae.
>pH: 6.4
>GH: 3-6
>kH: < 3
>NO3, NO4 <0.01
>Temp: 28-29 C
>Thanks in advance.
>Michael, in Singapore which is hot and humid.

Riccia grows very fast. Using this to your advantage, you can remove
infested parts of the clumps and return only the un-infested portions.
You'll still need to deal with the algae otherwise it'll keep coming back.
The shrimps won't do a whole lot for the algae BTW, if
anything..............you likely have some unbalanced nutrients/bacterial
cycle out of whack etc.....
Take care of this cause rather than trying to stop algae with shrimps alone.
Rosey barbs and other fish are good for hair algae in my experience. Little
devils rip the hair from my arm when I prune! Good thing they don't have big
This can also be applied to most algae/pest weeds that infest Riccia.
Tom Barr