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Planted Discus Tanks

Hi Karen,

> Very large tanks work fine.  There is really no difference between a
> tank and any other planted aquarium.  You _must_ find some way of
> the nutrients that you put into the tank.  This can be through balance of
> plant mass/growth to fish load/feeding, or by chemical removal or by water
> changes.  It makes no difference whether you are discussing a quart pickle
> jar full of guppies or a 1000 gallon public display tank.  It's just
> in a big tank if you are going to keep big fish with hearty appetites.
> Discus, besides their (IMO undeserved) reputation as being "delicate" and
> "finicky" are big fish that eat like piglets.
> Karen

I'm also starting up a planted discus tank and am following your suggestions
in the AF article.  I'm in my second week and am ready to start adding algae
eaters.  In your article you recommend against SAE's because they'll get
large.  Do you recommend against putting ANY SAE's, or just against putting
in enough to have an effect on algae control?