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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1372

  >Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 08:48:51 -0600
  >From: "James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>
  >Subject: Speaking of Dupla.......
  >I noticed this morning a message from Edward (from m3 - Monolith Marine
  >Monsters).... a while ago, someone posted that Dupla fertilizers
  >may soon be
  >available again in North America from m3..... care to comment
  >James Purchase
  >(with my credit card ready............)

Yes James, we are indeed in the process of getting Dupla and Dennerle
products from Germany now.  For the former brand, we are still working our
best in the bargaining stage so that we can offer them at a price
substantially lower than what J.P. Burleson charged in the past.  For the
latter brand, we are merely importing their new vitamin drops and gel at
this moment, cause we don't know what else to import (any idea from you
folks will be greatly appreciated!!).  Their light bulbs are of course good,
but they may not be compatible with most US lighting systems.  Hopefully
products can be here on time before the 2nd week of Dec.

Thank you.

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