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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1370

I've seen them clean leaves so
>well, there wasn't enough leaf left to lay eggs on, then they started on

Thanks Bob. Interesting info. I was thinking of getting a mate for this
particularly nice Angel. Is this why people keep them with Val... do they
wreck Val as well?

I'm not sure about Vals, don't have any.  I suppose they would.  Sword
leaves are pretty tough but I lose 2 or 3 every time these guys spawn.

>In rainy Pittsburgh, but look at the bright side, they say it might snow
>tomorrow.... Geez, I need a vacation.

Yeah... we have a break from the rain today, sunny and nice... but supposed
to come again Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon. <sigh> Oh well... no snow here and
I'll be in Mexico in Dec. :) 

Mexico in December, that sounds wonderful.  I'm stuck going to Chicago in
December, Chicago's even worse than Pittsburgh.

It's probably time that the APD had a meeting
in a hot place sometime between Nov. and Feb. Anyone got a really big house
on a tropical island?? ;>


Great Idea Olga!  I nominate Olga to arrange all the details.  If I may make
a suggestion, there's a nice little island off the coast of Cancun....