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Re: FW Flounders

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>From: Shannon Wheeler <swheeler at altech_ab.ca>
>Date: November 4, 1999 9:56 AM
>It seems that loaches-online has updated their site a little.

To bring all my loach info back to plants a little, I keep horse-faced
loaches in all my tanks (along with MTS) which I think really helps
mix/loosen/'aerate' the substrate...

Come to think of it, I haven't really noticed any MTS in the 10g tank that I
redid with kitty litter. This tank never did have enough gravel to keep the
plants in place (only 1' or so) so a couple of months back I bought $3.00
worth of kitty litter (likely a lifetime supply - maybe I'll have to get a
cat) and redid that tank. I think the plants have grown better since and at
least they stay in place. I think if I had CO2 on this tank it would go