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>Hi everyone,
>    2 weeks ago i putted nymphea stellata bulbs in my tank. Wow ! They are
>growing real fast !
>    My question is about the bulbs and stalks ( i am not familiar with
>bulbs ). Each bulb has grow 1,2 or 3 "stalks" were a plant is
>    developping at each tip. I have way too much of these Tha‘ Lotus. Can i
>separate the plants from the
>    "stalks" in order to grow them (trade or sell too) without the bulb ?
>    If so, must i leave at least one plant attached to the bulb in order to
>keep it alive ?
>    Will the bulb produce more stalks if all the former ones are cut ? Can i
>keep it dormant after a while ?
>    Thanks !
>    Pierre Tremblay
>    Qu»bec
You can separate them without worry but be gentle. The stalks will form
bulblets often and these can be placed elsewhere later. You can let it
flower and try doing the seed thing too. Always fun and the flowers are very
nice. The stalks can be removed but the bulb may go into shock some if all
are removed. If you get some extra bulbs store them in a cool dry place till
you want to plant them. They'll sprout new stalks. Very nice plants that can
be sub-ed for Lotuses. Got too many, eh? Not a bad position to be
They transplant fairly decently. Aphids like the floating leaves also. Enjoy
your weed!
You can prune it with no ill effects as long as you leave a few leaves. This
will give you a nice compact plant. So nice effects can be done with the
floating leaves also. Mine grow fast so I pruned mine often.
Tom Barr