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Re: CO2 diffuser

Sherlock Wong wrote:
>Has anybody used the new glass CO2 diffuser that Pet Warehouse
>is selling? It looks just like Amano Pollen glass.

I bought the Fish Vet diffuser you are referring to in hopes that it would
be a low maintenance product which would only require cleaning every few
weeks. After 1 1/2 weeks the bubbles got so large that it needed cleaning.

I have been experimenting with different devices to use for diffusing
bottled CO2 in my 55 gallon aquarium to try and find something that does not
have to be cleaned every week. So far the Coralife wooden diffuser (I
believe it is lime wood) wins hands down! It has been putting out extremely
fine bubbles for 4 weeks now with no apparent change in bubble size. Other
brands of wood airstones may work as well, but that is what the LFS sells
near me. I have a Rena 2" ceramic airstone that claims can be used for CO2
diffusion,  waiting in the wings,  that I will try as soon as I find the
limit to how long the wood diffuser will work before it needs to be
replaced. I know there are some people out there wondering what to use for
this and so far this inexpensive ($5.99 for 2) wood airstone has succeeded
in outliving ( as far as needing cleaning and producing tiny bubbles)
everything I have tried (Eheim
diffuser, Fish Vet glass diffuser) and is still putting out very tiny
bubbles that just about completely dissolve before reaching the surface.
Bob Buettner
In sunny and cool Northwest CT